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Membership Selection

Director's Club Rewards

Join now and earn points on all ticket and concession purchases to earn FREE movies and concession items!

You will earn 1 point for every $1 spent. Point Rewards are as follows:

75 points = Annual Bucket Refill*

100 points = any candy

125 points = a small popcorn or a small drink

150 points = free admission to any movie,** or a medium popcorn, or a medium drink

175 points = any food item

200 points = a large drink or a large popcorn

250 points = an Annual Bucket Combo* or a Combo #1

275 points = a Combo #2 or a Nacho Combo

300 points = a Combo #3

325 points = a Combo #4


Points are cumulative until they are used to redeem items. When points are used for redemption, they are deducted from the balance of your total points.

Gift Card Purchases, Gift Card Reloads, Movie Passes, and Online Ticketing Surcharges will not count towards any point earnings.

All aspects of this program including reward items, point values, points earned per dollar spent, etc are subject to change.

This loyalty program is currently not available at our Lake Cinema location.

*only for members with a Director's Club Bucket. These can be purchased at our concession stand.

**excludes any 3D feature.